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Carrie Gress - Editor

Prior to my life as a mother and author, I traveled extensively and lived in France, Rome, and Poland. One of my first articles was about a high-end hotel in heart Krakow, Poland, written for a travel industry magazine.

I have always found it exhilarating to explore the foreign, but particularly countries that boast a Christian past - and even better if they have a Christian future. I'm intrigued to see how Christ and his Mother, the saints and religious symbols, are included into the fabric of everyday - from the simple, such as Christmas ornaments and holy cards, to the elaborate, in soaring architecture and priceless paintings.

Having spent years studying the philosophical side of beauty, there is no reason why we can't reclaim beauty in our every day lives and let go of the kitsch that is so prevalent in Catholic art and objects.

Not everything here is overtly Catholic, but everything will have something that can reach a Catholic soul. This is the true capacity of beauty - it is the breath of God. All true beauty comes from him, so whatever captures you, renews your sense of wonder, fills you with awe, enlivens your heart, or helps quiet your soul with peace, has its source in Our Lord.




Michelle Gress


My skills include silly-putty extraction from hair, sharpie removal from upholstery, and toy car search and rescue.  Prior to acquiring this skill set, I was a lawyer working on policy in Washington, D.C. My job on Capitol Hill was my favorite post before having kids and I confess to still being slightly obsessed with public policy issues. I am married to the coolest guy I know (I pinch myself everyday). I love a good book, reading to my kids, a good glass of wine (especially with friends), and eating local fare. Our nomadic family has lived in Helsinki and Manila, and now in Vienna. I have loved viewing the wonder and beauty of the world through the eyes of our four young children; they have climbed around ancient temples in Cambodia, walked through markets in Bangkok, enjoyed late night dinners in Rome, viewed Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and floated the canals of Venice in a gondola.


Sofia Infante


I’m a recent Boston College graduate with a Master's degree in Theology. I’ve been living in Boston for six years, am I’m still getting used to the below zero temperatures. I grew up in Maryland, but spent most summers in Columbia and a year and half in New Dehli, India.
As a millennial, am intrigued by the work of St. John of the Cross, particularly his poems in Spanish, and St. Therese of Lisieux. I see both of these saints' suggestions of divesting of self-love while growing in spiritual childhood to be a real antidote to the self-love that plagues my generation. 

I am an avid reader and baker (particularly anything sweet). I’m working on perfecting my Russian Honey Cake recipe, learning everything about Myers Briggs, and reading through Thomas Merton’s books.


Noelle Mering


After studying philosophy and theatre at Westmont College I did graduate work in philosophy at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Home is in Ventura, California, with my husband and our six children. As a family we spend a lot of time eating burritos on the beach, and as a couple we love live music, art museums, wood fired pizza, and tequila.

Currently I’m working on a startup baby product venture, sometimes selling vintage home goods on Instagram, helping friends style their homes, hosting online discussions about the sexual revolution, and most importantly doing vocally challenged but fully committed karaoke.

Connect at Instagram and Love in the Ruins on Facebook.


Leigh Snead

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.23.01 PM.png

I’m a stay-at-home mom and freelance lifestyle writer living in South Bend, Indiana, with a Master's Degree in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart (St. John’s College—Annapolis) for 20 years and together we have three sons. I do a lot of cooking and entertaining. I love traveling and I’m lucky to do it often with my husband, en famille, and sometimes alone. I’m obsessed with fashion, restaurants, and books.


elizabeth wise

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I graduated with a history degree at Belmont Abbey College, followed by a nine months in Belmont Abbey's Benedictine Volunteer Corps in Mtwara, Tanzania. While in Africa, I was able to trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which now serves as a reminder to for me to seek adventure and closeness with Divine Creation whenever possible. I'm currently working in classical education and on a book for TAN Books that highlights Catholic miracles and curiosities that have stumped scientists, historians, and even the faithful throughout the ages.