My Favorite Catholic Things Is Moving


When I started My Favorite Catholic Things, I was startled to realize that there was not aggregate site that featured content just for women. While many of my posts appeal to both men and women, many were very female-centric. This realization, coupled with another idea that continually nagged at me -- that there should be a magazine for faithful Catholic women -- came together.

During Lent, the idea came to me to start a new site for women. I shared it with my friends, Becky Carter and Megan Schrieber from the Thriving in the Trenches podcast. The idea grew during that time of prayer, fasting, and penance, and shortly after Easter, the three of us pulled our resources together and started what has become Helena Daily. 

Several weeks into our work, it occurred to me that the mission of My Favorite Catholic Things wasn't too far afield from Helena Daily and that we could combine the two. Additionally, Helena Daily took on a life of its own and had me feeling like My Favorite Catholic Things was a neglected child.

So, My Favorite Catholic Things will now become Our Favorite Catholic Things and will feature much of the engaging content that has been a staple here, but also some new ideas from our Helena Daily Contributors.

I'm grateful for all the support I have had here at My Favorite Catholic Things, and for the proof that there really is an audience for edifying Catholic art, architecture, and so on. But really just for beauty in the everyday.

So come join us over at Helen Daily!





Carrie Gress