I talked with Cy Kellett at Catholic Answers radio about why beauty is important. Take a look. Or a listen.


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David Clayton has written a lovely piece about My Favorite Catholic Things over at The New Liturgical Movement. NLM is a great resource for beauty in the liturgy. It also happens to be the one site where the advertisements are sometimes more beautiful than the posts.

A New Blog on Catholic Culture and Beauty by Dr Carrie Gress

David Clayton

I would like to draw your attention to this new Catholic blog: myfavoritecatholicthings.com. Carrie Gress is a mother, journalist and writer, and a philosopher who specializes in beauty and aesthetics, and studied Jacques Maritain for her doctorate.

With such a wide range of interests, all of which are integrated with her faith, I would say she was a Renaissance lady, if I weren’t somewhat negative on Renaissance culture! So, how about baroque lady instead?

Some of you will be familiar with Dr Gress from her articles on National Catholic Register and her books, most notably The Marian OptionShe has courage as well, braving the ire of secular feminists by promoting the values of traditional Catholic femininity and motherhood, intelligently and sensitively applied to modern life.

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